many thanks to my aunt lucile for hosting our family gathering while ben and i were in utah. and for preparing practically all the food. i believe i can say that a good time was had by all. grant the game was a blast. next time, i’ll think ahead enough to make a t-shirt. if we all can agree on an event name. brimley bonding? brimley bashing? brimley brouhaha?

many thanks to my cousin’s wife heather for pointing us to many good eats in utah. the park cafe. bruges waffles and frites. hi-mountain drug. marley’s. all delicious. i will think fondly of dear heather each time i struggle to button my pants.

many thanks to the state of utah for having perfectly lovely fall weather for the entirety of our time there. i also dedicate to you my deepest gratitude for all the amazing fall colors on the trees. i could not get enough. ask my husband. special thanks to sardine canyon for thrilling me with all that red. and to park city for adding yellow to the fall color palette.


many thanks to the byu cougars for winning both of the games we attended. go blue! i’m glad we didn’t come a week later, though, because homecoming against oregon state is going to be a blood bath. even more so now that taysom hill is out for the season.


many thanks to mary and richard for letting us stay with you the whole time. and for having a king size bed in our room.

many thanks to all of our relatives for hanging out with us and making our visit a general love fest. that includes you, grandma larsen. and you, petersen cousins and aunts and uncles. and you, brimley bonders. and last but not least you, mom and lola and rachel and maren and dane. please accept my apology for not taking more than 1 picture of the lot of you. (the one picture i did take of my mom and sister is not currently approved for broadcast to the world wide internet.)

many thanks to my husband, sister and mom for hiking up to the tippy top of ensign peak with me. i’m just so so glad we did it.

many thanks to dani for hanging out with us on saturday and for taking me to dillard’s.

there’s more. so much more. but perhaps this will do for now.

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2 Responses to accolades

  1. Lucile Eastman says:

    Thanks to you and Ben for allowing us to be a small part of your fabulous vacation.


  2. ann says:

    Sounds awesome. Glad the cougars stepped it up for you two.


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