back to school blues

i can’t remember who my third grade teacher was. it’s very upsetting. distressing, really.

k.  mrs. sype
1.  mrs. smith
2.  mrs. jacobowski
3.  ????? ::aaaaargh::
4.  mrs. bolton
5.  miss sperry
6.  mrs. robbins

after that, i had a different teacher for every class, so i don’t expect myself to remember them all. but i can still do pretty well.

you’ll be impressed.

7.  mrs. frances holmes for algebra 1/2 and mrs. adams for science

8.  mrs. orrison for english, mr. pardon for geography, miss mccoy for algebra 1, mr. smithers for computers or something

9.  mrs. mooney for english, mrs. hill for history, can’t remember the name of my earth science teacher right now but the student teacher was mr. prindle, mrs. blackburn for french, mrs. provencio for choir

10.  mr. slaughter for geometry, mr. lapp for choir, mrs. niebrand for english and her student teacher mr. crist, mrs. mabe for latin 1, ms. leinen for pe until i got in my car accident and dropped out of pe (and ended up taking it in summer school), mr. belisle for chemistry

11.  mr. gordon for biology, mr. stubblefield for trigonometry, mrs. olic-hamilton for english, mr. lapp for choir, mrs. mabe for latin 2, mr. that-one-guy-who-mixed-up-his-idioms-all-the-time for history

12.  dr. mooney (mrs. mooney’s husband) for english, mr. lapp for choir, mr. kapicka for calculus

okay, that’s enough showing off. you should be sufficiently convinced that i have a decent memory. if i tried a little bit, i could come up with the names of the rest of my junior high and high school teachers. i wouldn’t claim the same for 7th grade. i’ve blocked a lot of that year out. thanks to joshua ross pilote.

for my life i cannot remember my third grade teacher. it wasn’t mrs. limbago. i remember having a conversation with her on the playground when she complimented me on my hair and asked what shampoo i used and i said (or just thought) something about wishing she were my teacher. mrs. limbago happens to be the only 3rd grade teacher at my school that i can remember. must be because she recognized the quality of my hair, so i knew she was smart.

i also know that in 3rd grade i won the 3rd grade spelling bee. but i only know that because i won for my grade every year through 8th grade. so that doesn’t count.

i can drive myself nuts trying to remember anything else about 3rd grade. i don’t even know if my teacher was a man or a woman. can’t remember at all. at all. and it calls into question my reputation as a steel trap for brains.

me no likey.

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7 Responses to back to school blues

  1. Lucile Eastman says:

    Interesting. I can remember my 3rd grade teacher, but few others. Go figure.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    k Mrs Beckman
    1 Mrs Jonte
    2 Miss Bergman
    3 Mrs Herford
    4 Mrs DeGreene
    5 Mrs Salughter, student teacher Mr Tattan
    6 Miss Meister, student teacher Miss Shakelton
    and, trust me, I could go on.


  3. Ami says:

    Mrs. Limbago WAS my 3rd grade teacher.
    I feel like your 3rd grade teacher was a man with glasses and a mustache, but I can’t remember his name. He taught across from mrs. Limbago. Ring any bells?
    Did I ever tell you about the time that Captain Hook attacked me at Disneyland, trying to gesture to me how we knew one another (because, you know, those people are not allowed to speak when in costume). Turns out it was Josh Pilote.


  4. Ami says:

    Mr. McDonald. I remembered his name. Your teacher?


  5. Carol Schiess says:

    Wow, Ami. That is too weird, don’t you think?


    • Ami says:

      Running in to Josh Pilote dressed as Captain Hook? Or, that I might remember Alyce’s teacher? I guess both of those things are kind of weird…


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