schiess 2012

i cannot let july dive headlong into august without saying something about the best family reunion ever.

first, something that has nothing to do with my family. our rental car. it was completely tricked out. completely. who has ever driven a tricked out rental car? i hadn’t and didn’t believe they existed. but they do. at hertz at boi. if i tell you that our car had heating and cooling buttons on the cup holders, will you believe my claim that it had everything else?

i love my own car. i really do. it’s super nice. too nice. but it doesn’t have anything going on in the cup holders. i have missed my rental car more than once on my long commute when i’ve wished my drink was still cold.

second, my family is awesome. funny. smart. cool. obnoxious. unpredictable. totally predictable. all those good things all at the same time.

i think family reunions should happen about every 6 months. instead of every couple of decades.

we all gathered in honor of our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

my favorite part was probably the talent show. except for the part where i sucked it up on the carpenters medley.

my other favorite part was the fireworks show on mom’s driveway. except for the part where we kept hitting the neighbor’s van across the street with burning materials.

my other favorite part was sitting around chatting. and playing the various “games” that paul would make up. except for the part where i told everyone my favorite something-or-other, and they told me “no.” okay, i liked that part, too.

my other favorite part was buying donuts from murphy’s minis and remembering how awesome our wedding reception was because it had delicious fresh donuts. except for the part that i didn’t get to eat any donuts at our reception.

my other favorite part was going to jamba juice basically every day. except for the time that i ordered something i’d never tried and found out it was bad.

my other favorite part was going down to utah to see some of ben’s family and my aunts and uncles. except for the part where we got stuck on the freeway less than 30 miles from boise because of a wildfire. but i already told you about that.

my other favorite part was not having to work and being able to completely forget that i even had a job.

my other favorite part was seeing how much my family likes my husband. makes me like my family and my husband even more.

my least favorite part was when the reunion ended and everyone went theire separate ways. except that i was really glad to sleep in my own bed again.

there. i did it. go ahead and descend upon me, august. my work here is done.


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4 Responses to schiess 2012

  1. Lucile Eastman says:

    I would like to say that you are one of my many favorite parts.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Just plain old right on.


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