bountiful to boise

approximate departure time: 12:40 pm mdt. right after we got our jamba on. (i might be wrong about the departure time. i was distracted by the fruit smoothie goodness and didn’t know i’d wish i had paid attention to the time later.)

anticipated arrival time:  something in the neighborhood of 4:50 pm mdt.

actual arrival time:  6:10 pm mdt.

reason for delay:  closed freeway and then slower than slow traffic because of this. i have a couple of pictures and some video, but i haven’t uploaded them yet.

lesson #1:  patience is a virtue.

lesson #2:  diet dr pepper cherry is no good.

lesson #3:  it doesn’t pay for interstate 84 to be the one and only route you know for getting from mountain home to boise.

more reunion details and general trip report later.

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