the short commute

i am in dc again after working from home for more than 2 full weeks of business days.

set aside for the moment the fact that i am 2.5 hours (in perfect conditions) away from home and slept on an air mattress last night.

i felt so alive as i walked from my car to my office this morning. so good about myself. and it wasn’t even 7:30 yet.

it’s not that i’m in dc. maybe it’s that i was outside. mostly, i think it’s that i knew i had somewhere to go.

i do NOT feel that way as i drag myself from the back of the house and my bed to the front of the house and the office. it’s one of the hazards of teleworking. and i think 2 full weeks culminated in my day of complete unmotivation yesterday.

do you need me to dive deeper into my mental and emotional state or detail all the differences between my working conditions at home or in the office? let me know.

bottom line (my favorite phrase lately):  i feel better when i get up and leave the house for work. i tend to feel like a lump of mud when i work at home, even if i shower before heading to work (which my husband can tell you is not all that often).

here’s my plan to see about feeling differently when i’m working at home. if i can convince myself it’s not a completely ridiculous idea.

1. get up. shower. get dressed. dry my hair. etc. basically, get ready like i’m going somewhere.

2. get in my car and drive around for 5 or 10 minutes or walk around the block.

3. walk in the front door of my house and into my the office.

think it will make a difference? am i a loon?

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2 Responses to the short commute

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Maybe you’re a loon. But I like the plan. It made me laugh.


  2. Ann says:

    Yes, it will make a difference. Especially a 5-10 min walk with happy tunes in your ears! Sounds like fun to me!


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