life goes on

i figured out the other day that i don’t even know the last time i boiled an egg. i’m 101% confident i haven’t boiled any eggs since changing my surname to larsen. and before that, who even knows. it’s a shame, too, because i like boiled eggs. in egg salad. in potato salad. as deviled eggs. on a green salad. for breakfast with a little bit of butter and some spinach. trust me. it’s good.

my nephew started a blog. he’s almost 7. he’s also awesome.

another nephew just graduated from high school and seminary (something i did not do). he’s 18. also awesome.

i have a lot of other nephews (and nieces, but mostly nephews) doing awesome things.

i haven’t been eating particularly well for the past several weeks. i’m addicted to sugar. again. still. but i’m also still exercising so i haven’t been packing on the pounds. i’m also not losing them either. i keep telling myself that i need to eat better. as if the excess sugar is the one and only reason i’m not with child. so how about this. i’ll try really hard for today. to limit my sugar and general crappy calorie intake. and after today i’ll tackle tomorrow.

my forehead is red and bumpy. like i have a rash. i am going to blame it on my new shampoo. or on stress. or on the increased sugar intake. or on the hormones i’m injecting daily. no. scratch the hormones. or on my ocd tendency to rub and scratch and fuss with my forehead. or on my habit of resting my forehead in the palm of my left hand while i play scramble with friends with my right index finger.

i told you already that we moved into a new office. remember the lovely view out my window? a nice woman just delivered a recycling container. for aluminum, glass and plastic. some might ask why it’s taken over a week for the recycling container to be delivered. but considering that our trash collector at home in pa never delivered a recycling container after promising one for a year or two, i say a little more than a week ain’t half bad.

the mr and i are canceling our current garbage collector and switching to someone WAY cheaper. 2.5 times cheaper. going from nearly $40 a month to less than $15. we were being robbed before. robbed, i tell you. and they still never brought the recycle bin.

where i grew up, everyone everywhere had the same garbage collector. i don’t think there was even a choice. right, mom? same goes for when i lived in va. but pa seems to have numberless options. who knew that it pays to shop around when deciding on a company to collect your weekly refuse. we are now getting a SCREAMING deal. it’s apparently a special low rate for our neighborhood negotiated by our hoa. the lady i talked to was even surprised at how little we will be paying.

june is just around the corner. friday the first will mark the 50th anniversary of my parents’ wedding. and in july, we celebrate. all together as a family. to say that i’m looking forward to it is putting it lightly.

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One Response to life goes on

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    We are collected by Allied Waste. Used to be BF, and I don’t think it was for Best Foods. Yes, everyone here is with AW.
    Good night nurse, it’s hard to get back on the off sugar wagon once you’ve stepped off. I happen to know.
    About July, my putting-it-mildly response is, me too.


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