pdx: the grand finale

one side from the top

same side from the bottom

again from the bottom

1. that, people, is the ira c. keller memorial fountain. or part of it. google (images) it (please do it) and see that i only captured of a little corner of the ira c. keller memorial fountain world. it is huge. amazing. beautiful. and totally manmade. and i’m totally okay with it.

i wish you could hear the sound of the rushing water. immediately soothing. the combination of the sound and the spray mellowed my mood better than any amount of marijuana would, i’m convinced, although i do not know from experience.

i stumbled upon this peaceful spot as i made my way to the waterfront bike trail on the willamette river, which is apparently part of a 40-mile loop trail system. the governor tom mccall waterfront park section, specifically. see.

2. i had an early flight on saturday morning. unless you don’t think 8:05 am flights are early. (i awoke with a sore throat. i include that detail just so you’ll feel sorry for me.)

i arrived at the airport early enough to enjoy a jamba juice while i waited in the security.

once through security, i set off to find something for breakfast. i was about to get on a place and be there for in the neighborhood of 6 hours, so a small juice only jamba juice wasn’t going to cut it.

i walked back and forth in the terminal, surveying my options, and finally settled on good dog/bad dog.

sorry it’s blurry.


i had the no. 1 oregon smokey. “our most popular! seasoned with hickory smoke, garlic, molasses, cayenne pepper. spicy!” it was tasty. not too much bit. so much flavor. one of my best hot dog experiences ever. (like that’s difficult.) especially with the addition of yellow mustard and relish. and a bite of sauerkraut here and there.

i want to go back. too bad that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

ps. i bought 2 baby loaves of tillamook cheese at pdx prior to my departure. i’m so pleased with myself. thank you very much.

and then i went home. jiggity jig.

pps. i have successfully completed multiple posts about my trip to pdx without going on about the incredible number of potheads i encountered. (until now. oops.)

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8 Responses to pdx: the grand finale

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I like hot dogs, you know.
    When your dad and I were teenagers in love, we’d drive way out on Wilshire Blvd to the only A&W we knew of and get a hot dog. I like mustard and relish, but in those days, the hot dogs were so good, I only had mustard.


  2. howardently says:

    Wow. I want the tillamook!


  3. Lisa says:

    Also no mention of your glorious reunion with yours truly. Not that I noticed.


  4. Carol Schiess says:

    To Lisa: Did you not read the silver and gold posting? It’s all about you and that glorious reunion.


  5. Jenae says:

    potheads?? really?? 😉 okay, okay. They are everywhere in downtown. Sorry you didn’t come get to enjoy the “real” PDX experience with some of the “regular folk” (well besides your friend who you visited of course). Hot dogs- try a Hebrew National with ketchup, mustard and a thinly sliced pickle- to die for!


  6. Jenae says:

    oh, and you are one smart woman to stock up on some Tillamook cheese. I always have at least one if not two baby loaves in my fridge at a time. I don’t eat any other kind of cheddar cheese.


    • Carol Schiess says:

      Does anyone with discriminating taste?
      I do not know if Tillamook makes Dubliner cheese. Oregon is not Ireland, after all. But that is some good cheese, and I bet Tillamook Dubliner would, as they say, ROCK.


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