silver and gold

upon my arrival in pdx, i found my way to the max train and to my hotel.

and then, wonder of wonders, i found my friend from junior high and boise high days. at the corner of sw 5th and sw alder. and you know what? we’re still friends, in case you wondered. she didn’t care that i did end up looking like a ragamuffin, while she looked tall and lean and fashionable.

we ate dinner at a yummy and super inexpensive vietnamese place near the river. luc lac kitchen, to be specific. i’d go back. i expect she will. we walked along the river. she showed me her office at the freshwater trust. was ate diy frozen yogurt sundaes. and then we waited for her bus.

and the whole time we chatted and laughed and updated and reminisced. (and never once thought to take a picture. doh! even with both of us toting a smart phone.) about our jobs. about high school. about family. the good and the bad. about pregnancy and the lack thereof. about deaths. about life.

she is the mother of two beautiful girls. being the expert that i am, i tell you that she is a good mom. call it intuition.

it feels good to be reminded that people you’ve known for ages still care about you and your family. i hope she felt the same from me because i felt it from her.

i won’t go into further detail re our substantive conversation, although i could, but will instead tell you something much less important.

when we were walking past a chipotle and i mentioned that i didn’t like chipotle, she said that since pdx has so many offerings by way of food carts, she didn’t see a reason why you’d go to a chain restaurant like that anyway when you could find any number of places to buy a taco or burrito from a food cart.

food carts, people. little did i know, but those two words from lisa’s lips would change my whole pdx experience.

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2 Responses to silver and gold

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    About food carts I don’t know, but I suppose they have their value. Friends do for sure. Glad you and Lisa had a good visit. Remind me to tell you what I often think of when I think of Lisa.


  2. Lisa says:

    Right back at you, my friend. Sorry I missed this the first time (and pouted openly). I wish you lived closer!


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