i’m going to portland tomorrow. coming back on saturday. it’s a quick trip full of long flights and all for a 3-hour meeting on friday. i hope to eat at delicious restaurants while i’m there. because i live for that kind of stuff. duh.

i’ve already got a plan in place to have dinner with my high school best friend who lives in tigard. i’m way excited. i just hope that by the end of a day of flying from one end of the country to the other, i am not a total ragamuffin. because i know she’s going to be so cute. if i do look like a hot mess, i’ll get over it pretty quickly. promise. because good food and good company shall be triumphant.

my flight to portland is via phoenix. duh. my itinerary tells me that the duration of the flight from philly to phoenix is a whopping 5:26. and me in a middle seat. and unwilling to pay $45 to get a window or aisle seat.

maybe i’m being cheap. $45 is less than $9/hr. but you must remember, we put a stratospheric dollar amount on a credit card last month to pay for 6 tries at this ivf business (that we are paying off in full this month, thank you very much and thanks to our now depleted savings), so i’m trying to cut way back on any unnecessary spending. and paying $45 to move from 6e to 6f seems unnecessary. i can only hope that no one else decides to pay for 6f.

now you may be thinking that i am a walking contradiction. i talk about going out to eat in portland and finding good food. that sounds like spending money for sure.

but, my friends, remember. my meals on this trip are on my employer’s dime. seat upgrades are on mine.

my total allotment for meals and incidental expenses (i actually don’t know what qualifies as incidentals) on this trip is $165. to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days. not bad, i say. especially if i take some breakfast and lunch options with me tomorrow. i’ll be able to partake of some tasty vittles on thursday and friday night.

and you better believe i’m going to blog about what i eat. because you live for that kind of stuff. duh.

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One Response to pdx

  1. mar says:

    i love that you love to eat as much as i do! hopefully we can connect when we are in the same time zone!


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