spring back

turns out i didn’t keep a good record of our dating relationship on that other blog. i said a few things here and there (like what i’m about to share with you). maybe someday i’ll write the rest down for real.

background that i for some reason think you need before you read my post from out of the wayback machine:  we met on september 8, 2007, and started dating basically immediately. sometime that fall we had a conversation about what date we would choose if asked when we started dating. we agreed on september 8. our first kiss occurred sometime around thanksgiving. in his parents’ garage.

original post date:  i’m not telling, but it wasn’t during 2007.

post title:  rubber duckie, you’re the one

or should the title of this blog entry be, “i’m about to bid my heart good-bye”? [can you name that song? i had to look it up.]

it’s not like i’m really willing to say that i know that ben is “the one.” because i’m not willing to say that yet. heck, we haven’t even told each other those three little words, so why would i be saying that he’s the one? talk about cart before the horse.

but i will say that i’m fine with my roommates and friends having a fantasy engagement pool. for whatever reason, i don’t object.

another but. if my relationship with ben doesn’t end in eternal bliss, i hereby request the support of all members of the fantasy engagement league to turn their attentions to picking up the pieces of what will surely be my shattered self.

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2 Responses to spring back

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    So, was Shakespeare right? All’s Well that Ends Well. Well, I mean, your courtship ended well.
    That’s four wells. That makes a river. Sorry, Alyce. My mind is really okay, though. And I’m well.


  2. Emily says:

    hey, who won that fantasy pool anyway?


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