secrets revealed

my very first foray into the blogging world actually happened long ago. way back in 2007.  not that it was a blog exactly. more like a place where a couple of “inner circle” friends/roommates posted blips and blurbs about our lives. more like a group email, really. much more personal in tone than this blog.

you can’t believe that last sentence since i talk about uber personal things like my (in)fertility on here. but believe me. the posts on ye olde blog were more “i would not share this with the entire world”/”i know that only 3 other people have access to this blog” in nature.

my pen name on that blog was michelangelo. after the teenage mutant ninja turtles. long story (that i don’t remember). michelangelo is still my name when i comment on blogs with my google id.

here’s my very last post on that blog. which i have deemed fit for public consumption.

from november 4, 2008. (election day, if you’ll recall.)

post title:  vote with your stomach

my office is teeming with halloween candy. you name it, we got it. and i’ve probably eaten it. okay, i have not resorted to eating the nasty foil-wrapped wax that passes for chocolate. not only is the chocolate gross but it’s in the shape of an ear or an eyeball or a finger. disgusting.

but i’ve eaten everything else. and with each handful or mouthful of candy i feel more and more sick to my stomach. more and more fat and ugly and disgusting. i’ve already said 3 or 4 times today that i can’t eat another piece of candy. not another sour tangerine starburst. not another sweettart chew. not another bit o’ honey or rolo or milk dud or dot. or whatever happens to be spilling out of the bowl at the reception desk or in the conference room or in the kitchen. (i’m telling you, it’s everywhere.) and just that many times i’ve gone back for more.

i don’t know what’s going on. sure, i’m probably pms-ing. you know, that place where self-control warps into out of control. but i’ve started taking the pill. doesn’t it make all the madness go away? i’m naive, huh. and speaking of, i am now on the pill. weird. could it maybe be part of the culprit? i admit i don’t know. but i have heard that most of the “pill pounds” come from water retention and not so-called pill-induced binging. or maybe i’m stressed about my job and what will happen to it after i get married or about the wedding or about the down payment on the house or a zillion other things that i don’t think are a big deal in my conscious world but are perhaps a huge deal in my sub-conscious world. the kind of deal that must have more candy.

ewww. don’t i sound kind of gross? are you starting to get an idea about how i’m feeling about myself as i wallow in this post-buzz sugar slump?

so what’s the deal? who knows? and really, who cares? this just needs to stop. right now. and so i’m going to be done. for real this time. not like the 4 other times today. fo rizzle.

oh, and i voted in arlington today.

typical me. no power to stop once the candy eating starts. well, i’d say that today i have fair to middling power.

can you tell that i was writing to a smaller audience and knew it? i can. and holy cow, i was down on myself that day. that’s a little different than today’s me.

here’s another gem that will take you back to the day after i met my now husband.

from september 9, 2007.

post title:  the blind date that wasn’t

that’s right. turns out that i did not go on a blind date last night. instead, i went to a family reunion dinner of sorts. 19 people altogether, i think. my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, his wife (who is ben’s cousin), his wife’s 4 siblings (who are also ben’s cousins) and their spouses, his wife’s parents (who are ben’s aunt and uncle), his wife’s aunt and uncle (ben’s mom and step-dad) and their daughter (ben’s half-sister). and me. and ben.

so not really a date.

but ben and i did have various opportunities to be in each other’s presence (even if several of those opportunities were also in his mother’s presence). his uncle loaned ben his 2-seat convertible bmw roadster for our travels to and from dinner and between the pocock and stevens residences. and we did get to sit together at dinner. which was not something all the spouses even got to do.

conversation happened pretty naturally. he made me laugh. i made him laugh harder (because, let’s be honest, i’m funnier).

i don’t know if we had an immediate love connection on this non-date. but i do hope we get to go out on an actual date, so that’s a good sign. and i think he hopes for the same. another good sign.

raph and leo have heard some of the details. raph likes him already. another good sign. that is not to say that leo doesn’t like him. just that raph does and approves.

this is not a great post, i don’t think. but it serves a purpose. and it allows me to say…

to be continued… (i hope, i think)

i was right about that “to be continued” part. now we’re stuck like glue for eternity.

but there you have it. the beginning of my love story. of course, 3 days before that i posted about how i was still in serious like with my very last – in a long line of many – intern crush. but let’s not focus on that. i obvs got over him pretty quickly.

i wonder if there are any good (and fit for public consumption) posts about our ensuing dating life.

wouldn’t you like to know. (i’ll keep you posted on my research. if you ask nicely.)

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2 Responses to secrets revealed

  1. Maren says:

    Am I the half sister mentioned!? Also, I was super confused when I saw that michelangelo had commented on my blog, and I had no idea who said blogger was. Then I read this post and light was shed on the subject. I like this post. Especially the past post about you and Ben. I love you both so dearlyyyyy


    • alcylucy says:

      no, my dearest, maren, you were not at the dinner. you were off at a youth conference. i didn’t meet you till we crashed the dance that night. remember when i joined you on the dance floor?


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