baby steps

did you know that when you start treatment for in vitro fertilization, the very first drug they put you on is birth control? go figure.

which leads me to something sort of related.

be careful what you wish for when googling “[insert drug here] side effects.”

and i quote paraphrase. most people handle [insert drug here] just fine with no or minimal problems or side effects. but some of you, and we have to say this to protect ourselves when someone decides to sue us over the fact that she fell into this teeny weeny minority, will react horribly to this tiny pill. we won’t say you could die, but if you don’t contact your doctor immediately when you start vomiting up a “coffee-ground-like” substance (what the?!?!) or having symptoms of a stroke or of a blood clot in your lung, you could die. or worse.

(i do not have any of these serious symptoms.)

i know, i know. you’re getting antsy about my full and complete report on antietam battlefield in sharpsburg md.

i’ll get to it. i promise.

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3 Responses to baby steps

  1. Jessica M. says:

    Looks like I’m out of the in-vtiro route, since a random genetic mutation makes it so I will NEVER take birth control again. Like, I could die if I did and shouldn’t have taken it anyway.

    No, I did not have coffee-ground puke.


    • alcylucy says:

      perhaps i should have said that the first drug if you don’t have a random genetic mutation is birth control. i’m sure there are options for people with random genetic mutations.


  2. Emilie Ahern says:

    Woah. Barfing coffee grounds?
    Call me first if you start cause I wanna see that!


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