lightning volt

here is our view of the kitchen. (courtesy of my iphone.)

chef bryan is not in the shot (well, he might be that guy over on the left in the white shirt with his back to the camera), but had i taken the picture during our actual meal, you could have seen him. we witnessed his personal last touch on every one of our courses. so cool.

kampachi blood orange, fennel, ginger
kimchee daikon radish, chicken thigh, quail egg, basil
turbot butternut squash, radish, brussels sprouts
ravioli black trumpet, ash, parsley root
sweetbreads sunchokes, black kale, bacon
beef chard, potatoes, gold ball turnips
chocolate marshmallow, caramel, peanut

and that up there is what we ate. well, that and some fun and crazy delicious things at the beginning and some other yummy morsels at the end. we decided that our 7-course meal was actually 11 courses. 12 if you count the mini coffee cakes we were given at the end of the meal to take home with us.

so i ask you. if you saw that menu, would you know what you were about to get yourself into?

we didn’t.

i mean, would you have any idea from looking that the dessert course would include a scoop of the absolutely and without a doubt most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted? just the right sweetness with peanuts and cookie bits and chocolate chips. it doesn’t sound as world altering as it was, but alter my world it did.

would you know that the ravioli would be black and filled with chèvre cheese? would you eat it even though you hate all cheeses goat and be forced to admit to yourself that chef bryan had found a way to trick you? would you bow to the magical combination of smooth and flavor? or would you be like my husband, who loves basically every nasty cheese, and find yourself transported with every bite to another plane where angels sing and rainbows really do have pots o’ gold and there is peace on earth?

the turbot (fish) course was wonderful. my husband does not like butternut squash or brussels sprouts, but he loved every bit of this course. you can imagine how i felt about it since i do like butternut squash and brussels sprouts.

i could speak highly of every bite of every course. even the sweetbreads. really. and i promise it’s not because we told ourselves we had to like it since we were paying a pretty penny.

i should say something about the pre-first course morsels. a beet macaroon filled with foie gras. melt-in-your-mouth goodness. surprising. over too quickly. a chilled rutabega soup with lobster and some other tasty crunch. why, oh why, was it only a few bites. we could’ve eaten that for days. except that then we wouldn’t have had room to enjoy the 7 courses that were heading our way. so a tease would have to do.

i have not done justice to my husband’s birthday dinner. how could i? even when we called my mom on our way home, while the food was still in our bellies, we were unable to give her a full and complete understanding of our experience. but we came close.

save your money. find a special reason for celebration. and go to volt. you will not be disappointed. well, you will be disappointed that you have to wait another 10 years before you can justify going back.

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4 Responses to lightning volt

  1. Karen says:

    I so enjoy going to a restaurant that has a tasting menu. I too have eaten some foods that I wouldn’t have otherwise. A tasting menu opens up your tastebuds to many new flavors and ideas.


  2. Carrie W says:

    Did you know that sweetbreads are a fertility food? That menu looks amazing. Where is this place?


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    Or is it that you have to eat sweetbreads every day?


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