sometimes when i eat an almond, i think it is the most delicious and yummiest nut out there. i also think that i probably never want to eat any other nut because why would i want to eat anything besides the yummiest nut ever?

and then i eat a cashew and think, holy cow, this might be the most delicious and yummiest nut i’ve ever enjoyed. and i ask myself why i would ever want to eat an almond.

then i eat another almond.

and the cycle continues.

nuts rock. next thanksgiving when we’re going around the table to say what we are thankful for, i’m going to give thanks that i don’t have a nut allergy. and that i don’t have diverticulitis. i hear that makes eating nuts a very bad idea.

please note that i do NOT like hazelnuts (but i love the smell of hazelnut coffee like nobody’s business) or macadamia nuts. i also think brazilnuts should be left out of the mix.

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One Response to gratitude

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I have been known to go nuts over peanuts.


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