really, no pressure

turns out, my husband really enjoyed the birthday outing i planned.

more later. probably in a few different posts. prepare yourself now to be left with the impression that i blew a wad of cash on my beloved. i tell you now that i did. but that’s not the point. if you prepare now, you won’t freak out about the money part while you read about what we did and will instead be able to enjoy the journey. right along with me.

here’s what i’ll be reporting on.

  1. hog wild bbq in east berlin (pronounced BER-lin, apparently), pa. a happy and luscious discovery as we drove to frederick on friday night.
  2. antietam national battlefield tour with john michael priest.
  3. the bolivar-harpers ferry public library
  4. volt restaurant in frederick, md. a once-in-a-decade (please say it wasn’t once in a lifetime) transcendent culinary rite of passage.

plus wherever else my mind and fingers take me.

happy monday.

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One Response to really, no pressure

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, yum! I want to hear about it 🙂


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