home remedies

i am a woman. in case you didn’t know. sometimes i suffer from something we women like to call “cramps.”

cramps are painful. sometimes unbearably so. i have tried advil and aleve and pamprin other otc medications to relieve the pain.

which one works best, you ask? well, i will tell you.

coke. diet coke. coke zero. cherry coke zero. dr. pepper. diet dr. pepper. vanilla coke. as long as it’s not pepsi or mtn dew, it’ll do the trick. almost immediately.

my current favorite for killing cramps is cherry coke zero. it is my passion on days like today.

is it the caffeine? or is it psychology? i sorta don’t care. as long as i’m no longer crying out in agony.

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2 Responses to home remedies

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    yes and yes


  2. mar says:

    i feel like those are the remedies for most things that are painful 🙂


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