everything else, day 3

i might not write everything that happened on sunday. just because if you have been to church at an lds chapel on any given sunday, you already know about it and don’t need me to tell you. and if you haven’t, go here and learn all you want.

sunday morning started unbearably early. oh wait no it didn’t because nevermind. (it was monday morning that started unbearably early.)

church wasn’t until 1 pm on sunday, so i took my time getting out of bed in the morning. well, sort of. eh and heather w had to get to the airport, so i got up and took them. but i definitely took more time getting out of bed than they did.

wow, this is getting off to a rough start.

blah, blah. hugs goodbye at the airport and then the world was my oyster.

i had 2 goals for the morning.

  1. pedicure
  2. fish tacos

and 1 goal for the evening.

  1. watch the sunset on a beach somewhere.

none of my goals for the day related in any way to the super bowl.

got my pedicure – the fancy version with exfoliation and mask-like treatments and paraffin wax and all – at rose’s nails. really quite enjoyable. being pampered on occasion is so worth it. hot stone massage in december. fancy pedicure and wax treatment on hands in february. so i need something on the calendar for march, i’m thinking.

had a heck of a time finding parking, as i’ve said, for rose’s nails because of the popularity of the rock church across the street. some ladies headed to church stopped in beforehand to make mani-pedi appointments for directly after worship services. now i know why rose’s nails moved from near our hotel over to this little shopping complex.

the nice girls at the hotel front desk told me about a place for fish tacos that happened to be very near rose’s nails. joao’s tin fish. i ordered a garlic shrimp taco and a yellowtail taco. i wish i’d ordered a mahi mahi taco (instead of the yellowtail), but i shouldn’t complain. the whole thing was super delicious. should have saved the shrimp taco for last because it was out of this world. but like i said, no complaints. yum.

need more fish tacos. want to go to south beach bar and grille in ocean beach.

and then a scenic drive to church via mission beach where i saw another “award-winning” fish taco place i wished i had time to try. and a beach i want to sit on.

then church.

then la jolla cove. and seals. and a beach. and a sunset. need to post pictures of the seals. but they’re on a different computer. so be patient, would ya?

please enjoy the following slideshow of some sunset photos (and a shot of the san diego temple from later that evening on my way to dinner at the jardines). i have more sunset photos. many, many more. and maybe i’ll add them to the slideshow in time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

allow me to say a few words about sunsets on the beach on the pacific ocean in southern california. heavenly. sigh. beyond relaxing. beautiful. indescribable.

i cannot leave out the jardines. they led me to the beach. they invited me back to their home for dinner where they fed me well. so well. and i honestly liked the super-garlicky mashed potatoes. because i love garlic.

only one more day to report on. too bad, isn’t it.

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