chopped or chop’t

the food network has a show called chopped. i like that show. four chefs compete for a chance to win $10,000 and the title of “chopped champion.” the judges are some well-known and amazing chefs and critiques (that i’ve never heard of outside this show).

the competition has three rounds:  appetizer, entree, and dessert. one chef is “chopped” at the end of each round, so that only two are left to compete in the dessert round.

the challenge of the whole thing is that for each course the chefs are given 3-4 random ingredients to use in their dish. some strange fish or fruit no one has ever heard of. or candy that has to be used in the entree.

the chefs come up with some amazing stuff. on one episode, the chef was allergic to shellfish, and some kind of shellfish was an ingredient in the first two rounds so he couldn’t even taste his dish to know if it was any good.

so yeah, i like this show. it’s a good one.

chop’t, on the other hand, is not my friend. not a fan, i am. it’s a place where you can get a big and healthy salad – of your own creation or of theirs – full of romaine or mesclun or spinach or some combination and vegetables and other salad favorites. the idea is a good one. who doesn’t love a good salad? good salads are really good. ask my husband. i make some pretty mean salads at home.

but this place is not good. why people go there and/or rave about it is beyond me. i’ve regretted every visit and everything i’ve ordered. every time (all three of them). the salads aren’t good. the way i feel afterward is not good. and the prices? they’d be too high even if the food was good. but since it’s not, the prices border on maddening.

the end


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One Response to chopped or chop’t

  1. mar says:

    i also loved chopped.


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