everything else, day 2

day 2 was wedding day, so i’ve already told you about most of the magic that went down.

really, the entire day was awesome. and since we had a few hours between the wedding and the reception, we went right on ahead and made the most of it.

heather w being the saint that she is decided to go with the other heather w and linda to work some decorating and centerpiece magic at the reception site. i am not so charitable and went with eh and fj and awd to in n out burger.

remind me to come back to this post and insert the picture i took of my burger. animal styled but not double-doubled. the weather knew only to be gorgeous for the entire weekend, so we ate outside.

(okay, i’ve come back. here’s the burger.)

(aside that should in no way be seen as a black mark on the wonderful weekend that was my san diego getaway.) i enjoyed my burger. i thought my milkshake was also fine. but let me say here and now that i don’t think in n out is all that special. sure, everyone should try it once in a lifetime – and that’s what fj and awd were doing – but i fail to understand the obsession or devotion.

reentry to i-5 was not direct after lunch. instead, we drove in circles for several minutes and found our fair share of speed bumps and dips and no left turns. luckily, fj and awd (who were following) assumed we were trying to ditch them all in good fun instead of out of malice.

eventually, eh led me back to the 5, and we hightailed it to coronado. the hotel del awaited us, as did the beach. do i even need to remind you about the sunshine that was to be had in abundance wherever we went?

remind me to come back to this post and add the pictures from the del and the beach. it was all quite lovely. okay, i’ll do it now.

more than once we happened upon the love birds (see them in that 2nd photo up there?). they were doing a lot of kissing. we even went so far as to label it making it out and to contemplate taking bets on the over under for percentage of wedding pics where the newlyweds were NOT kissing. the bride and groom assured us it was not making out and could only be called kissing. we let them believe what they would, but eh and fj and awd and i know that a&e were getting their make-out on.

we stood on the beach in the waning sunlight for a good 20 or 30 minutes, not daring to move for fear of missing out on some even a moment of sun and sea and sand. we were also babysitting shoes and photography equipment while a&e climbed rocks and posed (and kissed) for the camera.

awd (and alex) were waiting inside the hotel because they didn’t want to get sand in their shoes, so eh and fj and i eventually headed back. we found a bench and wondered why alex never showed up. we also wondered if we’d be able to stay long enough to see the sunset. heather w and linda popped over, having finished the reception prep, and took a stroll out to the beach. it felt almost like we were locals. saying yoohoo to friends here and there.

i take full blame for why we didn’t see the sunset that night. the reception started at 5 pm. sunset was at 5:24 pm. i was worried that it wasn’t a good idea to be late to the reception. i was wrong.

that didn’t come out right. the first hour of the reception was an appetizer/cocktail hour. program and dinner didn’t start until 6 pm. so being there on time allowed us to nibble on coconut shrimp goodness and sip on pomegranate italian sodas and mingle with other wedding guests. but being late could have been an option, too. no one would have questioned our love and devotion to a&e had we stayed put on our bench and watched the sun disappear into the water.

i’m sure eh has forgiven me for marching us over to the reception on time. but it will be a while before i forgive myself. especially since i sat on the beach in la jolla for an hour the very next day and drank in the sunset from beginning to end.

but that is a story for day 3.

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One Response to everything else, day 2

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    So I went out last night to SmashBurger and had a hamburger and sweet potato fries. All because of your picture above. It was just okay.
    Yes, I have been to the Hotel del Coronado. And my parents before me. The place is old and still beautiful, and could it possibly be in a better place?
    I say no. Such beauty. The Pacific Ocean is my ocean.


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