not resolutions

i should never say that i’m rooting for a team. without fail, i end up feeling bad for the loser, even if it’s not “my” team. without fail.

you know it’s been too long since you’ve shaved your legs when you start to dream about having 6-inch-long hairs growing out of your knee caps. (i have shaved since having that scary, scary dream. don’t you worry.)

i made some Christmas trees this year. these (as you saw previously) and these (mine weren’t nearly as cute). we did not have a traditional Christmas tree. real or artificial. i felt pretty good about myself for actually sitting down and finishing a craft project. it’s not my usual modus operandi. not that i’m not crafty. but that i’m not a finisher. i put the Christmas decorations, such as they were, away today. good for me.

my husband loves sports and politics. i love sports. i will not rule out the possibility of being involved in politics one day. but for now, i do not like them. do you think if i ever decided to run for some kind of elected office that this blog would be a tool my opponent could use to destroy me?

i have painted my fingernails twice in 2 days. that’s already more times in 2012 than in all of 2011.

my brother got me an amazing indian cookbook for Christmas. i am excited.

my dad died 9 years ago this month.

i might need professional help at curbing my sugar addiction. you would be shocked and dismayed if you knew the kind of wrestle i had in the candy aisle today trying not to buy a box of dots (original). i did not buy them (what a triumph), but as i hemmed and hawed and picked up the box and put it back down, i said to myself, “i need professional help.”

i started listening to my recording of handel’s Messiah. after Christmas was already over. what took me so long. my favorites these days are:  rejoice greatly, o daughter of zion; and He shall purify the sons of levi (this version is just a little slow for my taste, but it’s still good); i know that my Redeemer liveth; the trumpet shall sound; and the glory of the lord; and if God be for us, who can be against us. (yes, i stopped providing links, but you can google or youtube it just as easily as i, now can’t you. and you should do it, too, because this is really good stuff.) my recording, ps, is this one. it’s awesome.

the daisies from my birthday bouquet are still looking pretty good.

somewhere back there in my past, i wrote a little piece called “cinnamon bears make you popular.” i wonder if i still have a copy of that somewhere. i wrote it to be clever and impress a boy, as i recall. who decides when she wants to impress a boy that it would be a good idea to write a story? oh hey, i found it. since i know you’re dying to read it, i’ll make it my next post.

happy new year.

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4 Responses to not resolutions

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Yes, that is also the one of my recordings that I like best. I’d like to find the perfect one, though.
    I have spent about fifteen minutes listening on youtube to Rejoice and other Messiah selections. Renee Fleming is gorgeous with it. So is Sara Mcliver from Australia.
    Just now I’m heavily into Bach.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    And Rachmaninov.


  3. Carrie says:

    I prefer your random thoughts to resolutions. I always feel like I need to make some really meaningful resolutions and then post them on my blog so that people will keep me to them, but as it turns out nobody really follows them for that long.


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