apparently when i answer the phone i sound like an answering machine. i can’t even tell you the number of times my hello is greeted with silence on the other end while the caller waits for the rest of the “wait for the beep” spiel. (but i’ll tell you that it’s been happening more and more in the last few days. like this morning. and last friday. and so on.)

after a pregnant pause i usually get tired of waiting and say something else or the caller decides to take a chance and speak. either way, the next words out of the caller’s mouth are something along the lines of, “oh man, i thought for sure i got your voice mail. i had no earthly idea that it could possibly be a real live person that sounded like that; it had to be a recording.”

i’m having a hard time reconciling myself with the obvious conclusion to be drawn from all of this.

i don’t sound real. i sound fake. artificial.

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3 Responses to hello

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I guess there’s something I should have told you long ago.

    Just kidding.


  2. queenann says:

    Yeah, you foney baloney. Whatever.

    I’ve never said that, have I?


    • alcylucy says:

      you have not said that, no. my family tends to think i am the real deal when i answer the phone. but pretty much 93.7% of my co-workers have mistaken me for my voice mail at least once. it has happened again today since this post.


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