dear december,

welcome. i’m so glad you’re here. you’re, like, a super awesome month, yo. and let me tell you why.

  1. my birthday comes but once a year, and december, you’re the lucky month
  2. Christmas, of course
  3. time with family because of Christmas
  4. Christmas music
  5. college football bowl season (starts this month, at least)
  6. hallmark channel and lifetime and abc family original made-for-tv Christmas movies (who doesn’t love these terrible movies?)
  7. and did you know we’re getting a brand new water drainage system installed in our basement this month? we made a trip to lowe’s just this evening to purchase 24′ of base moulding to replace the moulding that had molded and rotted. the ditch digging prep that shelley basements (i support local businesses and therefore did not go with zeke and all aspects waterproofing) did today also revealed rotted carpet padding and ruined tacking strip. sounds like a job for king’s floor covering. (i might have them on speed dial pretty soon.) i ask you, who doesn’t love spending thousands of dollars on home repairs at Christmastime? especially if it means we end up needing to paint down there, too. ahh, just thinking about choosing a color makes my heart skip a beat. landee, will you come out here, pretty please, and help me paint? anyone else willing to lend a hand?

of course, i could go on. but you get my drift. december is frigging (don’t you love that word?) awesome.

my husband can’t stop telling me how excited he is for my birthday. so you can imagine the effect that has on me. yep. that’s right. my stress level is skyrocketing because i have zero idea what to get him for his birthday in march, so i’m sure there’s no way it will be as good as whatever he’s got cooking.

okay, that’s not how i’m reacting to my husband’s practical giddiness over my birthday. no, i’ll never come up with anything so awesome for his birthday, but we all knew that already. so i’m not worrying about it. instead, i’ve gone right ahead and allowed myself to get swept away in all the birthday anticipation fun. anyone have a clue what my husband has come up with to celebrate me this year? i have zero inkling. i just know that i must be strictly obedient anytime my husband asks me not to come into the bedroom or tells me i can’t look at what he’s doing on his computer.

right about this time of night, i get really tired. i wish it wouldn’t happen right in the middle of my “welcome, december” post.

in preparation for the big dig in our basement, i had to transfer the contents of the right half of our largest and fullest storage room (because that’s where half the ditch is being dug) over to our smallest and previously (nearly) empty storage room at the other end of the basement. (my husband was working or he would have helped. duh.) i found a surprising number of wedding presents still in their original packaging. anyone need a picture frame with space for 3 photos and “live, laugh, love” references? i also organized the new space a wee bit so that all the empty boxes are at one end and the junk we “need” more often than never are at the other and close to the door. i’m no dummy.

enough bouncing around in my brain for tonight.

only 30 more days of the best month ever. may all the days be as good as my birthday is apparently going to be.

love you,
a devoted december daughter

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One Response to dear december,

  1. mar says:

    i know, december really is the best! and i wish we could watch all those cheesy holiday movies together! i have been recording them all and they are awesome 🙂

    love you!


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