dear monday,

i wore ear plugs last night. for the whole night. i don’t know if i’ve every done that before. ever. and they work. my alarm had been going off for 10 minutes before i ever knew about it. thanks to va. she’s the one who woke me up, actually. because she could hear my alarm from the other room while she was getting ready for work.

i wore them because i was sleeping on the couch at va’s place and she had roommates returning from their thanksgiving breaks at unearthly hours.

i don’t know if it was the ear plugs, the couch, or something i ate, but i had some weird-o dreams last night. dreams about voice messages left at strange hours and about listening to said voice messages while trying to fake like i was still sleeping so the people who were asking for the favors wouldn’t know i was awake and therefore expect that i would oblige their ridiculous requests and go root through bedrooms in the middle of the night or some such unintelligible dream nonsense.

dreams about taking a ferry to ellis island and telling the security guard that i didn’t give a fig about the museum there because i have no family who passed through on their way to somewhere in america but that i did like the statue of liberty. we never got on the ferry to ellis island actually. we (my husband and i) spent the entire dream waiting for a chance to take a ferry. and i kept flitting off to the use the public restroom. strangest bathrooms i’ve ever seen. curtains as doors for the stalls but no dividers between the stalls. thankfully, no one else came into stalls 1 or 2 while i was in the third stall. they would have seen all my wares. and i, theirs. and the toilets weren’t toilets. they were just tile benches. and there was running water and a hole to the side between the stalls into which you swept your business. and strange was that business. but i won’t go into too much detail there. it would be too disturbing for you. i feel like skipping breakfast, even if it were an omelet with red and green bell peppers, at the thought of it.

the security guard at the waiting place for ellis island ferries has been in other dreams of mine. he was familiar to me at least. like i knew him from all the other times i’d been to ellis island. the many times that gave foundation to my opinions about museums and statues of liberty and their relative coolness factor.

i’ve been thinking all day of these dreams. wondering if i should wear the ear plugs again.

am i hoping for a repeat? or am i hoping for no dreams so i can eliminate the plugs as a possible reason for the weirdness.

i’ve been shopping at like crazy the last couple of weeks. i hope my Christmas draws like a good deal from macy’s. because that’s what they’re getting. i blame the sale on quilts and on my insatiable appetite for them and on our new bunk beds and on my need to have more than one set of bedding.

until tomorrow,


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5 Responses to dear monday,

  1. Jenny Reeder says:

    we tried to be so very quiet last night–and it was an unearthly hour–and you were snoring… we love having you stay with us, alyce!


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    the security guard at the waiting place for ellis island fairies
    That’s what you wrote. I copied it. So were you dreaming of ferries or fairies? There’s a difference, you know.
    About quilts. I looked at quilts again today. Not that I need another one. I changed quilts in the middle of the night last night. I have many to choose from, like seven or eight. All for my one bed. And at least three blankets. And four sets of sheets.
    Something is wrong with me.


  3. queenann says:

    I have that kind of dream ALL THE TIME. You walk into the bathroom and there’s something really weird about it. The stall doors don’t close or the toilets are tiny or are already full (!). Or the toilets are just out in the open somewhere. Endless variations on this theme.

    Remember my GoLytely dream?


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