moderation in all things

avoid centerville road at all costs. it’s just not worth it. but if you go ahead and try it every now and again, you just might get lucky. you never know.

if you make a pact with your sister to cut out sugar and sweets from your diet until thanksgiving, don’t break it to try the pumpkin pie at the country table restaurant in mt. joy. it’s just not worth it. but do break it when your husband offers you half of his mango-a-go-go jamba juice smoothie (now available in the freezer section at stauffer’s of kissel hill).

don’t obsess about rachel’s cafe and creperie. it’s just not worth it. eating there is most definitely worth it. but obsessing about it is not because it doesn’t mean you’ll eat there any more than once in a blue moon.

don’t decide after 2+ years of living in pa to become a fan of the football teams here. at least not now. it’s just not worth it. it won’t make sense if you start cheering for the nittany lions this year. wait a little while. and the eagles? they’ll just let you down in the 4th quarter. but sometimes if you go to sleep before the game is over, they’ll surprise you with a w.

avoid extremes when heating and cooling your home. the utility bills aren’t worth it. but there is something indescribably nice about turning the thermostat down, opening the bedroom window (just a crack, mind you), and switching on the ceiling fan, all on a cold winter’s night, so your nose and cheeks are cold and so you’re breathing cool air while your down comforter is keeping the rest of you toasty. sweet dreams.

you can never eat enough nachos. except when you find that you have.

don’t spend all your free time shopping for Christmas presents. it’s just not worth it. that thing you thought of first is probably the best idea anyway. but sometimes, if you keep thinking and looking and thinking, you just might discover the very best gift that ever there could be for that person on your list.

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One Response to moderation in all things

  1. queenann says:

    not all moderation is good. sometimes it just translates to lukewarm-ness.

    Since you are probably shopping for MY Christmas present, go ahead and find the perfectest gift ever.


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