during this season of thanksgiving, i would like to take a moment and focus on the parts of my life that are decidedly imperfect.

1. i haven’t cut my hair since april 8. that is 7 months ago today, people. how pathetic am i? it is getting way too long and unruly and unhealthy. you should see my bangs.

2. i arrived at work at 7:10 am this morning and did not leave until 6:38 pm. and for all intents and purposes, i did not take a lunch. today was not a new experience for me.

3. i have no idea what i want for Christmas.

4. when i wear my glasses, my eyelashes brush against the lenses and leave smears so that by the end of the day, i basically can’t see clearly because of all the smudges. (do i need to curl them or something?)

5. i still haven’t tried the hot cocoa at artfully chocolate. but i hope to remedy that very very very soon.

6. i really like the sing off but usually don’t get to watch it because it airs on monday nights, and that is the night i drive down to dc.

7. we don’t have dvr, so i can’t record the sing off and watch it at my leisure later on. being dvr-less is the reason i don’t watch a lot of shows i love. (i’m probably better off as a result, actually, but we’re focusing on the negative here, so pretend i didn’t say that.)

8. i am notoriously terrible at having follow-through. for example, i came up with the awesome idea to paint the slats that will be what people on the bottom bunk stare at so that they won’t have to stare at something so boring and borderline ugly. and then i was thinking that i will get some cute fabric to put between the slats and the top bunk mattress to make it even cuter for the bottom bunkers. (did i tell you that we got bunk beds to put in our basement so that when we have guests, they have somewhere to sleep? and it’s a twin-full combo.) but now as i think about it, i just don’t know if i have the stamina or will to make it really happen. am i willing to take the time to paint and let dry and paint and let dry? and am i really going to go out and pick out the cute fabric? and so on. it’s a problem, i tell you.

9. i fell off the no-sugar wagon. and i don’t know how to get back on. but get back on, i must.

10. i have bad cuticles and very soft and wimpy nails.

11. i’m not pregnant. i’ve got a good attitude about it and am hopeful. but it is true nonetheless. i am not pg. preggers. prego.

and now let us give thanks that these are the kinds of “problems” i deal with.

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2 Responses to problems

  1. dots says:

    Oh Alyce 🙂 You are blessed beyond measure. One day I may visit you on the East side. Until then I will continue to enjoy your tidbits 🙂 Soon, I will have a 2m and 2 year old visiting me and wish I were back to just my “big” kids. Enjoy your days before kiddos. Love you. dots.


  2. Carrie W says:

    Since I cannot resist shelling out unwanted advice, here are some ways to tackle crazy sugar cravings: High doses of Vitamin C, eating more protein and fat particularly if you eat a high carbohydrate diet (ahem, nachos), eating more often, oh and I have more but this is getting long. When you get a craving eat fruit with some fat (example: apples and peanut butter or full fat cheese). I would love to discuss your other problems with you but I think tackling one is just enough for me today.


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