my pretty little head

1. fall back is better than spring forward.

2. will you all offer right now to give me halloween costume ideas when i have kids? i have never been creative when it comes to halloween. i’m talking to you. and you. and you. and you. and if i didn’t tag you, it’s because either (a) i don’t know your mad halloween costume skills, (b) you have a private blog, or (c) i don’t yet blog stalk and therefore don’t know any better. and whether you created your costumes on the cheap or went out and bought them, i don’t care. i need to know how it’s done. any way that it happens. i am that clueless.

3. there was an earthquake in oklahoma last night. (okay, three earthquakes, but the strongest was last night.) what the? i’m guessing it was meant as punishment for oklahoma state for remaining undefeated last night. apparently, they should have let kansas state have that one. the article i linked to says so. “saturday night’s earthquake jolted oklahoma state university’s stadium shortly after the no. 3 cowboys defeated no. 17 kansas state. the crowd of 58,895 was still leaving when it hit, and players were in the locker rooms beneath the stands at boone pickens stadium.” for any who are wondering, i have never been to that part of ok. but i bet they felt the earthquake up in my beloved pawhuska. since people in tennessee and wisconsin reportedly did.

4. red lobster has endless shrimp right now. i can’t say for sure if i’ve ever been to red lobster. but i’ve got me a hankerin’ to go have me some endless shrimp. should i succumb to the craving? can red lobster be trusted?

5. i don’t love packing a suitcase every week. consequently, i am particularly grateful that i didn’t have to do so last week. and that i likely won’t have to the week of thanksgiving or the week between Christmas and the new year. would i like packing more if i had new luggage? my hub and i have talked about getting ourselves new luggage for Christmas this year. do you think it would reduce the frequency of my sometime tendency to pretend that my weekly packing ritual is not looming (like right now)?

6. anonymous is a movie in theaters right now that presents a version of history that would have you believe that william shakespeare was not in fact the author of the plays, sonnets and other writings so well-known and well-beloved by the world today. not so unheard of, no. but interesting to contemplate nonetheless. what can you say about that?

7. i like watching football. high school, college, or professional. college football being my favorite.

8. my husband and i have tried many, many restaurants in lancaster county. if i were the type to think ahead, i would have started long ago to keep a (b)log of the places we’ve tried. wouldn’t i like to have a record of where we’ve been and what we thought?

9. in the spirit of a blog of restaurant reviews, may i just say the carlos and charlie’s is not great mexican food? the beef in the beef and bean burrito was unpalatable. and i could (and do) make a better bean and cheese burrito at home.  why, oh why, is there no good mexican food around here?

10. my youngest sister-in-law wants to have a family talent show at Christmas. i hope i’m not the only one who thinks it’s a great idea. the talent show the night before paul and tasha’s wedding was awesome. the figure skating on hardwood and in socks was not to be missed.

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