have you ever been to philadelphia international airport? have you ever flown out of one terminal (and therefore parked in that terminal’s parking) and then back into another terminal (at the other end of phl)? you haven’t? well, it’s super fun. you should try it. and just for fun, have a go at imagining virtually that you and your mom are shlepping all your things from terminal e to parking garage a-west.

i flew back from the midwest into terminal d. my mom was scheduled to land about 90 minutes later in terminal e. i debated on the phone with my sister and via text with my husband about whether i should meet my mom at her gate (you know that never happens anymore) or go get my luggage, take it to the car, and pick her up at baggage claim.

the possibility of capturing something like the below won out.

this is now the image that pops up if my mom calls my hub on his celly

now tell me. is this photo so awesome that it made the trek from e to a worth it?

we made it home in time for our dinner date that night. and i am glad about that. i mean, who would want to miss a chance to eat oysters on the half shell with her mom while everyone else at the table gagged? it was my father-in-law’s first time seeing anyone eat raw oysters. ever. an experience not to be missed.

and while i’m talking about dinner, let me recommend annie bailey’s irish pub & restaurant next time you’re in town. the 28-30 meatloaf was pretty amazing.

on thursday we decided to treat my mom with her first visit to gettysburg and the eisenhower house. the new visitor’s center at gettysburg is awesome. except for the saloon. (don’t get the hot dog.) i love the cyclorama. so cool.

(how do you like the unedited photos from my new iphone 4s?)

and then, of course, there’s the gettysburg address.

and honest abe. no question he was an inspired leader.

the eisenhower house is worth the visit. i’ve been there twice now and would go back. here’s a photo of ike’s den.

my mom and i made a lot of good decisions that day. too bad we ended it all with a very bad one. very bad. which culminated with my mom skittering off to the bathroom to up-chuck-o-rama.

maybe we should have known upon entry. maybe we should have known when we sat down. i don’t know. would you have been wary if this was the view from your table?

would you have left if you looked up and saw this?

well, we didn’t leave until the main course came (after the saddest salad you’ve ever seen, and yes, i did delete the photo) and my mom started choking.

this is getting long, no?

my mom’s visit was awesome. so much fun. now she knows the rocking chair to save up for when i finally end up becoming a mama. and she knows how fun it is to drive in the snow in october. love you, mom.

the view out my back door a little while before we left to take my mom to meet ann

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  1. queenann says:

    Thanks for braving the storm for me.


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