where to begin.

back in the day, i used to go to pawhuska, ok, with some regularity. certainly closer to regularly than the rest of america. i knew the road from the tulsa airport to pawhuska like i now know the road between my house and dc. at one point i even had a t-shirt from bad brad’s bbq (which i just found out has more than one location. gasp!). man, that place is good. i first went to sonic in pawhuska. and on and on.

so now that my reason for visiting pawhuska is gone, there was no question that i would need to find a way to drive from tulsa to ponca city via pawhuska. duh, right?

unfortunately, we missed the turn off of 75 that would have hooked up with 11 and taken us to pawhuska (via barnsdall, the original home of anita bryant). so we had to improvise. (we, being my co-worker, tim, and i.) tim asked his garmin (named sheila for her australian accent) for help. and help, she did.

pretty soon we were flying down a county road that had clearly not been paved in the last decade or so. no lights. no houses. no nothing. just bumps and bumps and more bumps and the occasional patch of gravel. tim and i were having a great time. we learned the next morning that the driver in the car following us was not enjoying the experience nearly so much. or at all.

i don’t blog about work, so you’ll just have to imagine what i did while working on monday. but i will tell you that i had lunch at the tonkawa casino and then a cherry limeade from the sonic in tonkawa. delicious.

then we decided to avoid the tolls again (that’s the excuse tim and i gave our travel companions on sunday night to justify taking the backroads on the way to pawhuska) and ended up stuck at a railroad crossing in winfield, ks. for something like 30 minutes. so i practiced my photography skills.

now imagine the train going one direction for a few minutes, stopping for a few minutes, and then going in reverse. good times. all while sitting next to the semi that was trying desperately to be as loud at the train.

oh, but the weather was perfect. bright sun. clear skies. cool fall air. and the flatlands of kansas all around us.

somewhere just after the sign for the flint hills of kansas, we drove across what tim is convinced is the most middle of nowhere place he’s ever been. and that’s saying a lot for someone who’s been as many places as he has. if not for the knute rockne memorial rest stop, there would have been nothing to see in any direction. i-so-la-tion.

but do not fear. we found our way back to civilization and to a monday night special of beef brisket at bobby d’s merchant street bbq in emporia, ks. check out the website; on the location tab, there’s a map that will show just exactly where i was when i was enjoying this.

you can’t see the sweet potato fries in the photo, but they were good, too.

that night i stayed in the hampton inn in overland park, ks, off of metcalf. my room looked like this.

on tuesday, we worked in the cave (this is pretty much where we were). wow, i couldn’t do that every single day. i have a lot of admiration and pity for the people who do.

after work, we drove up to our next hampton inn. the one at the kansas city airport. it looked like this.

look familiar? it’s apparently how hampton inns are going to look going forward. i don’t mind it at all.

of course, my trip reports are limited for the most part to where i slept and ate. especially when it’s a work trip. what else could possibly be interesting?

so that night, we drove down to kansas city and dined at houston’s. so it’s a chain. so what. it was good. really good. i had filet with a side of spinach and fantastic cous cous. i need to try to replicate the cous cous recipe at home. mint leaves. whole almonds. green onions. raisins. bell peppers. etc. delicious.

and for dessert. my husband’s favorite (too bad he wasn’t there). key lime pie.

ignore the tabasco

it was yummy. almost as good as mine.

i’ve seen people who take super cool pictures out of airplane windows. how do they do it? here’s my best try from the flight home on wednesday.

and you already know what happened at the end of that plane flight.

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  1. queenann says:

    thumbs up. I love a good blog series.


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