the dish

i am the girl with the blonde hair and thick glasses. something my mom didn’t realize, ps. but true nonetheless. makes me wonder if anyone in my family remembers the story. since i don’t.

here’s what i can tell you. in a family of seven children – even if one or more might be gone for the night or grown up and out of the house entirely – dinner was a production. at least that’s my claim. lots of people. lots of talking and activity. lots of dishes.

and on one occasion at least, it was my turn to do the dinner dishes before i could participate in any family fun. fighting over what show to watch on tv, for example.

something or someone gave me to know that i was not getting my job done fast enough. and as one of the younger kids in the clan i didn’t handle that information well. i believe i fretted and fussed and didn’t know what to do.

so i said the only intelligent thing i could come up with.

“i can’t go as fast as a barracuda running!”

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One Response to the dish

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    It’s still a good story.


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