this time

i was a missionary for my church again. in china somewhere. and lo and behold, some of my very favorite people from the congregation in taiwan (where i taught english back in the day) were living in this place in china where i was now a missionary. i screamed and immediately started crying, overjoyed at seeing them again. and i knew it would be a snap to learn mandarin because my long lost taiwanese friends were there. the lee family. the ho (pronounced “her”) family. some white lady i didn’t recognize but somehow knew she was connected to daniel ho. which was weird. but this was a dream, so just go with it.

i was married. of course. my husband was back at home. and again, he was okay with me leaving to go on a mission. i know that’s not real. how would he survive that long without having my pot roast again?

reunited with friends? good. learning mandarin? good. being a missionary? good.

all good things in this dream of mine. but you and i both know this was no dream.

it was most definitely a nightmare.

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One Response to this time

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Well, wouldn’t it be good to see these old friends again? Next time, take your husband with you.
    I just plain old cannot tell you my dream. What on earth?! I said to myself as I woke up.
    Must be the ibuprofen I’ve become accustomed to.


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