full circle

we might do one more water test just to be sure, but let’s be honest. our basement has a leak. and the time has come to admit that we have to spend thousands of dollars to keep the water out. goodbye nest egg.

i have yet to tell my husband. he was asleep when i got home last night, and i got the news from zeke (remember him?) on my way home. and then he left for work this morning before i was out of bed.

so. that’s that.

if i knew a thing about photography or had a good camera, i’d promise to post pictures of the progress. whenever it happens. hopefully soon. but i make no such promises. so you’ll just have to come over.

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2 Responses to full circle

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Bummer, Alyce.
    btw, you mean keep the water out?
    Sorry, very sorry, about your nest egg.


  2. queenann says:

    Nest eggs come and go, but basements are forever.
    Or some other little bit of wisdom.

    I am sorry.


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