long weekend


feels like forever since i’ve seen my husband, or talked to him, or spent time with him. i was in dc monday to thursday of last week and then left on friday to visit my sister. came back sunday afternoon to find my honey sick in bed. then i took him to the airport first thing monday morning.

guess what. today, he comes home. i am more than excited. lemmetellya.


i did not go to the whoopie pie festival a couple of weeks back. but never fear, loyal reader,  i will remedy that this weekend and prove that i am fun and alive.

remember this? well, my now bootless friend is coming back up – this time with her FIANCE – and we’re chocolate walking again. that sun in the sky? that crispness in the air? you can thank us for it. we’re that amped.


i need to find out from my MIL if i’m making dinner this week or if she is. i’m hoping she is.


monday is the columbus day holiday for federal employees. not a widely celebrated holiday. by anyone, really, but especially not by indian country. and if you didn’t know already, everything i do at work every single day is connected in some way to indian country.

popular or not, i don’t have to work. i think my husband has the day off, too. maybe we’ll go to the links. wouldn’t that be fun.

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