ball bearings (aka BBs)

  • somewhere in the world exists (or once existed) a photo of me with a partially formed duck embryo leg hanging out of my mouth. notwithstanding my recollection of how i looked in said photo, i would be willing to see the photo again and even let others see it. i’d be inclined to dig out my pictures from the philippines and look for it if not for my knowledge of the existence of another photo, likely in the same cache of pictures, that i am less willing to share with others or even speak of. let’s just say that one of my fellow missionaries lost a tooth in the phils and got a temporary retainer with a tooth on it. a flipper, i believe it’s called. at a dinner we both attended, i stood next to him in a photo where his wide smile showed an apparent gap and my not so wide smile flashed a single tooth.
  • these BBs are larger than necessary, but i don’t have the requisite html skills to do anything about it.
  • hating facebook is my passion.
  • we have taken our home off the market. i just faxed the signed deletion of listing form to our realtor. we are both at peace about it and willing to make this house work in the event that conception and implantation and incubation occur. i’ve been imagining myself pregnant for months now, with “real” symptoms from a painful ponytail to hunger in the morning. i am working to accept the fact that imagining doesn’t make it so. but if it did. let me tell you.
  • i worked from home every day this week. my spoken words per day average was way down. countless words are percolating. i hope i’m in the right company when i bubble up and spew forth. i find that when i talk more frequently – to anyone about anything – i am less likely to get caught in the mighty whirlwind that is my mind when i spend so much time alone. thank goodness for a husband who comes home from work every night. i could never live alone. not me.
  • we are being migrated to wells fargo from wachovia (pronounced “walk-over-ya” and not “watch-over-ya” (the r is silent)) today. i don’t know how i feel about it yet. but one thing is certain. how i feel about it won’t change a thing.
  • i’m making italian beef sandwiches for dinner tonight. a recipe from an old roommate from log cabin days. and a salad. and i’m slicing up apples. dinner is in 40 minutes.
  • tomorrow is the whoopie pie festival in lancaster county. i’m super curious, but i don’t believe in good whoopie pies. i demand seeing before believing. and you know that leads nowhere. we’ll see if i decide to venture out.
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3 Responses to ball bearings (aka BBs)

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Look, Alyce, you may not know it but you live a fascinating life. And, wow, I can’t imagine living in a place where they held whoopie pie festival. Of course, we do have Art in the Park, which I missed again this year.
    Yes, I know the duck leg picture. I’d love to see the tooth one.
    Your Mom


  2. Cherie says:

    “hating facebook is my passion” – mine too!


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