wait for it, wait for it

the hose test is much like a pregnancy test.

okay, not really.

in a pregnancy test, you only want 5 seconds worth of pee on the stick. a successful hose test that produces valid results requires a lot more liquid for a lot longer.

today, in the presence of our realtor, i sprayed water at the offending holes/cracks (now unartfully covered with silicone caulking) for a good solid several minutes. and even after all that, my dearest husband and our realtor saw no evidence of said water forcing its way inside. the husband crouched with our newly purchased maglite (i hope it always serves as a reminder of zeke) shining into the space between and saw nothing. no droplets. no sprinkles. none of the water signs he saw within 30 seconds last time.

test result: negative

homeowner response: positive

impact on our pocketbook: priceless

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One Response to wait for it, wait for it

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    Face it. You know how to caulk.


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