the jigger shop was good, i am happy to report. the best part of my eating experience at the jigger shop is easily the 2 pretzels they stuck on my scoop of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge on top. the combination of chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, and pretzel did something magical in my mouth.

between visits to the jigger shop, we wandered the streets of mount gretna, pa.

let me back up. i did not go to the jigger shop on friday, as originally planned. instead, we went on labor day, and my sister and her husband and supa-cute boys were able to go with use. we arrived in mount gretna, and some of us were hungry for food, and some were only there for the ice cream. so we hungry ones ordered food. then we wandered around mount gretna, and then we went back to the jigger shop, so the darringtons and i could order ice cream.

and i’ve already told you about the chocolate ice cream fudgy pretzel goodness.

the rain started just as we were heading back from our street wanderings. the rain kept coming and coming. and coming. i don’t know that it has stopped – for any measurable period – since.

and our basement is suffering. which also means that our savings will soon suffer as well. not to the tune of $3300 as we originally feared – thanks to zeke from all aspects waterproofing (there’s a story that needs telling here, but i’m doing that later and separately, okay, so lay off) – but we will definitely be spending some money. how much, we do not know. for now, we believe the carpet and carpet padding are salvageable. but the baseboard must be replaced. and the tacking strip. it’s also possible that the lower half of the dry wall under the window will need to be replaced as well. and if you could see the color of blue that is our walls down there, you’d know that it probably means we’ll have to repaint that entire room. maybe. so not $3300 but definitely something more than anyone wants to spend to fix a house with a for sale sign in the yard.

but back to mount gretna and our walk. linda’s photo journal has good photos of the homes and surroundings. the picture below – props to linda – give you an idea of how cute the homes are and just how green it is.

the house in the top left corner has what amounts to a moss roof. not an uncommon occurrence in mt. g, lemmetellya. my MIL calls the place a mix of 1950s nostalgia and creepy haunted forest. truer words have never been spoken. ever.

ann‘s boys were well-behaved and energetic and friendly and chatty and generally fun to be around. some of us fell behind with edmund, who was interested in every puddle and branch. when we came within sight of jeremy and charlie and john, he called out to them. “dada. dada. boys. boys.” you have never seen or heard anything cuter. ever.

and back to the rain. i’d like it to stop now. thanks. bye.

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One Response to jiggered

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I’ll be jiggered. You know that’s something your Grandma Brimley used to say. You know that. Right?
    Rain needed in Texas. Just thought I’d remind the weather entity.


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