i think i have a shin splint. it is painful. don’t know what caused it but am willing to blame zumba. it feels much better today than yesterday. thankfully. i’m glad my hypochondiacal bent has turned from deep vein thrombosis and to shin splints to explain the malady.

i tried a new chocolate cake recipe. baked in a bundt. it was delicious. and simple. a variation on a cake mix cake. but does that mean it’s a good recipe? i tasted the cake a year or so ago, thought it was just about the best chocolate cake i’d ever tasted, and finally got around to begging the baker for her recipe a few weeks ago. but then when i saw that ingredients included a chocolate cake mix and a small box of chocolate pudding mix, i balked. shouldn’t the very best chocolate cake ever be made from scratch?

our house is clean these days. it feels good.

the last harry potter comes out this weekend. in case you weren’t aware. the first showing is tonight at 11:59 pm, in fact. i am not going. might not even go opening weekend. will you?

i found the book thief.

going to church this week at a brand new building. the congregation is going to be small because (1) it’s summer and people travel, don’t you know, and (2) the ward boundaries just changed and we lost people.

it’s time for the solos on sytycd. catch ya later.

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4 Responses to sundries

  1. Jenny Reeder says:

    I miss you, Alyce. Can’t you come stay in Virginia’s bed while she’s gone?


  2. Ami says:

    May I have the recipe, pretty please? If it tastes that good AND takes little effort on my part it sounds like the best cake ever.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    Of course you would watch that. You are a dancer.
    About the cake, I’ve gone back to WW, out of desperation. Now, if I can only gather up some discipline.
    So, read The Book Thief already.


  4. SJR says:

    I have not read the book thief, but both my local libraries have it. It’s on my list. I guess I’ll get it soon.

    I did not see HP when it opened since that was the night before my drive to Idaho. I did not see it opening weekend while in Idaho.

    However, as has been a tradition for me for several years, I will see it for my birthday.


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