all i really need to know

in no particular order.

  1. whether or not i can throw away a piece (or pieces) of paper at work. you’d be surprised how often i don’t know. if you saw my desk, you’d know the question goes unanswered as regularly as daily.
  2. what to make for dinner on any given night.
  3. how to use a grill.
  4. whether the kitchen in the edgewood truly would be big enough. and whether a “pantry” or something that functioned like one could fit and be aesthetically pleasing in the corner of the breakfast area.
  5. where to go for lunch.
  6. why gladys knight was wearing this at the BET awards.
  7. “where i want to be in my career in 5 years”
  8. where my borrowed copy (thanks, mom) of the book thief is.
  9. where to go for fireworks on the 4th.

okay. that’s not really all. but it’s enough for this morning.

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One Response to all i really need to know

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    4. and just what is the edgewood to you?
    6. because she’s gained a lot of weight (looks like) and thinks that thing will hide it. sadly, she’s wrong.
    8. ahem. yes.


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