3 years ago today…

i rode my bike down a hill, hit the brakes wrong and ended up i looking like this.

after KC and EH used some gauze to mop up some blood and before the stitches. i have a post-stitches picture somewhere. i should find it.

here it is.

i have more pictures of the progression of the healing. wanna see? i think you do. (i don’t think the cell phone camera shots above are really all that bad. i told my mom this morning i kinda like my hair in the first one. but others have told me that they’re pretty shocking and awful.)

yeah, you do want other images to sweeten the bad taste you might have in your mouth right about now.

10 days.

and here’s just barely more than a year after that.

don’t know if you can tell in that first picture that my front 4 teeth are all broken and jagged, but they are. so those natural and lovely teeth you’re seeing in my wedding photo? fake. crowns. expensive ones.

and worth every penny, don’t you think.

someday i should write about how awesome my then-boyfriend (now husband) was that day. and the days following. i should also write about how he fell and broke his elbow the weekend he proposed.

we are a match made in heaven. no doubt.

the end.

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5 Responses to 3 years ago today…

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    I am hurting as I see those first two pictures. Truly.
    But I say a big thanks to the drs who sewed you up neatly and fixed your teeth.
    To you I say, thanks for surviving it.
    And be careful.


  2. melanie williams says:

    oh my!! Ouch. I can’t even believe. I have no idea what to say other than those crowns were worth it.


  3. Jocie says:

    I remember that day. It was scary, but it did make think that Ben was a keeper. And can you even believe how perfectly you healed?


  4. Sunshine says:

    Oh my goodness, Alyce! I was just reliving your whole bikeride/hill/brakes/over the top onto your face/gurney rolling down the hill without you/yard man with cell phone but no english skills/driver who needed directions to hospital/convalescing/ visiting with you and your mom/experience! And I didn’t even realize it was your 3 year anniversary. I think I am connected to you in subliminal ways that even I don’t understand.


  5. landeelu says:

    Oh my gosh!! See? This is why I only drive places! You heal up like a champ though. I’ll give you that. Yeeowch.


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