dear wintry weather,

some people don’t like you at all. ever.

i’m not one of those people.


today? on april 1st? did you really have to go there? i’m not down with april fools day jokes. it’s too obvious, too predictable, to play a joke today. i’m not impressed.

i mean, if you had done this any other day this week, i would have thought you a little bit clever. leave us thinking that winter is over and spring is upon us and then, bam. hit us with one last reminder that you leave when you’re good and ready. leave us saying, wow. snow on the last day of march. who’dathunkit?

but on april 1st, i have no respect for it. i’m already looking for pranks at every turn. i believe it’s what’s called less effective.

thank you, though, for not sticking to the streets.

yours respectfully,


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2 Responses to dear wintry weather,

  1. queenann says:

    dear FWTH blogger,

    maybe winter doesn’t care if we respect it.

    that’s my theory.



  2. marisa says:

    dear roomie (because let’s be honest, you will always be a roomie),
    today i remembered the first bday party we had for lisa. we invited lots of boys (and some girls we liked), tried to impress them all, had one of the best pranks ever-do you remember lisa holding up that piece of paper wondering it that was where the sound was coming from?-ahh, foxchase. ahh, precious times those were.




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