dear blog,

i’ve missed you. i know you’ve missed me. how could you not? i’m really sorry if it seems i’ve been neglecting you. it has not been my intention. certainly. i have thought of you often and sometimes fall asleep at night in the midst of planning witty and interesting things to tell you.

i suppose i owe you some kind of explanation for my absence.

here goes.

1. just a couple of days after my last visit, we celebrated my husband’s 37th birthday. and the gift i ordered for him from amazon miraculously arrived on time. we were both excited. that night, i did my level best to reproduce an a la moi version of his favorite dish from carrabba’s – chicken bryan and cavatappi amatriciana. it was pretty delicious if i do say so myself.

that sunday, we had a couple of families over for dinner. dinner was yet again delicious. which reminds me that i need to make baked creamy chicken taquitos again. they were pretty much amazing. i used flour tortillas. yum. we also had mexican corn risotto. a new favorite for the hubs. and a salad. my friend brought guac and chips.

so much good food. too much good food. but of course we had room for my homemade key lime pie. no, i don’t squeeze my own key lime juice (you just can’t find key limes in pa), but everything else – including the crust – is courtesy of me. yes, i am in a bragging mood. probably to make you feel like what i’ve been doing while i’ve been ignoring you has been worthwhile.

2. my long commute has required a lot of me lately. extra days away from home. extra hours of work when in the office and when at home. work, work, work. and at the end of those days and those weeks, i couldn’t stomach the thought of sitting at a computer and typing. please try to understand.

3. my friend EH came for an unexpected and totally welcomed visit. she needed some time away, and i was happy to oblige. while she was here, she got a bare minerals makeover. she actually glowed. no joke. i was totally jealous, i have to say. she also took a saturday afternoon nap. AND. she joined me, the hubs, and my MIL at l-s idol – a singing contest put on by a local school district. we all loved just about every finalist in the elementary, middle school, and high school categories. i did not love, didn’t like at all, the girl who ended up winning the high school division. gag. but i’m going back next year. and maybe even as a contestant (yeah, right) because they’re adding an adult division to the competition.

4. we had some painting done at our house. hooray. no more off-color spots on our walls. there has been much rejoicing.

5. of course, we’ve been mad about march madness this year. and about jimmer. have a look.

or how about this one.

no, jimmer is not the only attention-grabbing thing about the ncaa tournament this year (can you say, no #1 seeds left?). but it sure was fun to get jimmered while for as long as we could.

6. and then VA came to visit. my husband has nicknamed her “the commonwealth.” we had a great time. carrot jam at kitchen kettle village is surprisingly delicious. we also found the perfect rocking chair for my mom to buy me when i have a baby. and we looked at amish quilts that we will never buy. they are totally lovely, but my pocketbook will not allow for the purchase of a $975 quilt, however appropriately priced it may be.

VA regaled us with stories of the earliest known usage of LOL (which is now in the oxford english dictionary, btw).

7. we have purchased a new desk for my office and are iso a new chair. these improvements to my office furniture will hopefully entice me to (1) sit at my desk and in my new chair while working at home, instead of on the couch in the office, the couch or chair in the great room, or one of the dining room chairs and (2) keep the office clean and organized and less embarrassing when ppl visit (i’ve already made progress on this front, thank you very much). perhaps this new setup will also increase my visits to you, dear old blog.

i think that pretty much sums it up, FWTH. or did i miss something? i’m sure i did.

oh yes, wait. there’s one more. and this one might make you the most upset of all.

8. i’ve been blog stalking others’ blogs. it’s true. i have. and i am really sorry for this one. both for how it has impacted you and for the detrimental effect this silly old habit has had on my own ego. i am working on some kind of system where i earn the right to visit other blogs based on how frequently i visit you. wish me luck. i’m gonna need it.

much love,


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2 Responses to dear blog,

  1. queenann says:

    I akshally watched that jimmer video. shame on you for making me.

    glad you posted, though. you owed it to FWTH. and I benefited.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I watched both of them. Silly me.
    And, speaking as me, welcome back to the blog world.


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