some day my prince(ton) will come

my mom came over to pa this past week. stayed with my sister. celebrated my nephew’s first birthday.

my husband and i went over their way to spend as much of the weekend as we could. those are my best (and only two) pictures from our voyage. inside the chapel on princeton university campus. taken on my iphone, of course, because why would i remember my camera or video camera.

we almost got blown away when we went outside. boy, did i laugh hard.

other highlights. philadelphia mint, notwithstanding the heat, and gettysburg quarters. my cute nephews. independence hall. lindt hot chocolate – white chocolate is the best and perhaps the only really good one. holding hands with charlie. watching my nephews love my husband. the art museum on princeton’s campus. the game of things. so much laughing. all about butt implants.

need to go back to princeton in the spring.

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One Response to some day my prince(ton) will come

  1. Carol Schiess says:

    me too


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