my version of a hangover

going to work on a wednesday morning after staying up until 1:30 or so on tuesday night reading the hunger games. staying up that late on tuesday night is already stupid but let’s just remind ourselves that tuesdays are the days that i get up at 3:40 am to drive down to dc.

so yeah. i’m in trouble.

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6 Responses to my version of a hangover

  1. dots says:

    good book…i too stayed up way too late reading these books…i think by the time i got into the last one (which took a few days) i then ended up staying up until 4 am to finish it…


  2. queenann says:

    This is not my fault. But I’m glad you’re reading it.

    We’ll talk about how you like it later.


  3. Elaine Hellewell says:

    Oh, yeah, that’s our book club read for this month. It’s sitting right here on my desk. I haven’t started it yet (except for that one little glimpse of the first 3 pages) I’m telling myself (again and again) I have to prepare my talk and my lesson first. How did you like it? Was it worth the hangover?


  4. SJR says:

    Great book! I have the two sequels from the library right now. But I won’t let myself read them until I finish the other book I’m in.


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