balm of gilead

has anyone ever found the perfect lip balm?

for a long time, i have claimed that natural ice (by mentholatum) is the best. i pretty much still feel that way. i know i would feel that way if i lived somewhere that carried the stuff on store shelves. but because i can’t buy it here in the mid-atlantic states, i question the appropriateness of labeling it the very best. didn’t i learn something about “location, location, location” somewhere that could be applied – if loosely – here?

moving on.

we all know, don’t we, that anything by blistex is worthless. (so worthless that i won’t even bother to provide a link.)

moving on again.

my husband used to be a chapstick man. the blue was usually his preferred poison. yes, i said poison. the product motto apparently is this. “chapstick: never let your lips go naked.” not naked is right. my lips can’t breathe if ever i’m foolish enough to use the stuff. who likes wearing wax lips full time, i ask.

my dearest has now moved on to burt’s bees. not bad. not bad at all. something is keeping me from making the commitment. don’t know what. but i’m not ready. let’s see how long the husband lasts. if he ends up making a lifelong commitment, maybe i will, too.

what are the other major players? i know i’ve left some out. i mean, there are oodles of options at the store. i haven’t even mentioned lip gloss.

at target, i’ve found lypsyl, which has been fun to try. i might actually kinda like it. maybe. it’s smooth going on. the tube is interesting. almost cool. but if you decide to try it, do not be sucked in by the honeyberry option. it is not as good or as smooth as the original. and the scent/flavor is nothing to write home about.

could not find lypsyl or natual ice at cvs this morning. bought some *new* blistex offering. i knew better. what was i thinking. burt’s bees was right there. why do i resist? my poor lips would surely be better off right now if i hadn’t.

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9 Responses to balm of gilead

  1. nANcy DREW says:

    my top five:

    1.petroleum jelly
    2.carmex crock spread own saliva
    5.chicken manure


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Here is the sad truth. Nothing works. I have tried chapstick–gave that up long ago–Mentholatum, Burt’s Bees, carmex, blistex, pinon salve, Nivea, Mary Kay’s very expensive two-step deal, three other kinds that are still up on my dresser and whose names I don’t remember, and I even fell for the commercial and went out and bought Neosporin lip crap also not cheap. Nothing works

    I go back to Mentholatum because maybe it doesn’t work less than the others don’t work.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    Oh yeah, and I wouldn’t be surprised if chicken manure is the only thing that works, but I can’t give a testimonial of it.
    Makes me think of your dad, you know.


  4. queenann says:

    Someone once preached to me that all lip balms create a dependency. And that if your lips are chapped, it means you are dehydrated.

    Jeremy has pointed out the holes in that dehydration theory, but I think they all work better when I’m drinking more water. I like chapstick lip moisturizer. I also like burt’s bees.

    I can’t deal with mentholatum on my lips anymore. Well, I can deal with it; I just don’t like it.


  5. Ami says:

    Covergirl Wetslicks. Stupid name, but great lip protection. Its not sticky, like most lip glosses I’ve tried. I HATE the feeling of chapstick – waxy, icky.


  6. dots says:

    did you know mike mcomber? remember him? can’t remember when he came into my life at BYU…anyhow…he gave me a tube of spearmint chapstick…it’s what i always buy now, i do dislike the waxy feeling but not enough to experiment with other products…


  7. Elaine Hellewell says:

    Have you tried Desitin? That’s right, the diaper rash ointment. Marry Ronnow used to slather it on her lips back in our high school days. She had the glossiest lips in Mt. Rose Ward! If it can cure what ails a baby’s bottom just think what it might do for your lips.


  8. liz hawkins says:

    I swear by Aquaphor. It’s all I use.


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