judges’ decisions are final

[if anyone can tell me what movie or show that phrase comes from, i’ll love you forever.]

these are the big decisions one has to make in one’s lifetime.

1. should i continue to include my maiden name in my facebook profile? some people do. some people don’t. i am ambivalent.

2. should i install a backsplash in my kitchen? i’ve got about 20 sq ft to cover and a budget of less than $500. will i find options cute/cool enough to make the finished product something i like to look upon?

3. should i care that i won’t get a great return on my investment for said backsplash when we decide to sell? because currently i don’t.

4. should i go eat another cookie?

5. should i not allow myself to do any crafting until i clean off the couch in our bedroom?

6. should i have asked my husband’s permission before making his prom pic my profile pic on facebook?

7. what should i get my husband for his birthday? it’s in 31 days. no time to waste.

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7 Responses to judges’ decisions are final

  1. queenann says:

    1. no
    2. how expensive are backsplashes? sheesh. what do I know?
    3. eh
    4. probably.
    5. probably.
    6. probably.
    7. i can’t even figure out what to give my own husband when I need to buy him gifts. you are so on your own here.


  2. marisa says:

    eat the cookie.

    i still keep my maiden name, it’s still a big part of who i am.

    craft all you want.

    no idea about the backsplash, i may never own a home 😉


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    1. why not? does it bother someone?
    2. I know not. do you need one?
    3. you planning to sell soon?
    4. no
    5. yes, most definitely
    6. cuff links. oh, too bad. nobody wears that kind of shirt any more.


  4. landeelu says:

    I don’t want to be bossy here but yes, eat the cookie. I’m a cookie person. And I want the recipe. <— ok, so maybe I do want to be bossy.


  5. dots says:

    1. depends on who you want to find you and friend you. are you going to friend me?
    2. backsplashes aren’t too difficult to put up, so why not? i don’t think it would be that expensive…$25/sq foot is like putting up some EXPENSIVE tile…maybe something more like…really depends on tile…so, I would say NO MORE than 200 for tile (and that’s on the low expensive end) and then…20 for the omnigrip-stuff to put the tile up on the wall with…then 15 for the grout…10 for sponges and spacers…borrow a tile cutter…easy. Wish I could help you…
    3. don’t care…have fun, learn something new.
    4. eat a cookie, eat one for me too.
    5. craft then clean
    6. yes
    7. love


    • alcylucy says:

      any suggestions for where to look for tile? thanks!


      • dots says:

        how do i know if you left me a ? if i don’t happen to come back to this site….lowes was where i got my glass tile…that i should have used in my master bath, but instead spent way too much money on some other tile…i got the bulk of my stuff at a local tile/carpet/flooring store…they supposedly gave me a good deal 🙂


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