i got an iPad for Christmas.  i did.  i really did.  i was completely surprised.  my husband is so awesome.  i love it.  my husband and i are having a solitaire tournament on it right now.  i’m winning.  but don’t tell him that.  and i love the gospel library on it.  so cool.

this guy was sitting in church today right there in the chapel with his bluetooth ear piece in.  the whole time.  it was very hard for me not to really dislike this total stranger.

i would be a billionaire if i could invent something that effectively could apply lotion to a person’s back.  especially in winter.  i would be.  the guy who came up with silly bandz has got to be a gazillionaire and his product was only en vogue for a heartbeat and wasn’t even something so useful and necessary as a back lotioner.

my husband got me the new best recipe cookbook for my birthday.  so excited.  and a ring.  a beautiful ring.

that is not my ring.  that is way bigger than my ring and somehow not as beautiful as my ring.  but that’s kinda like my ring.  mine doesn’t have that ring of diamonds around the stone.  my husband picked it out, and as a consequence i totally trust him to pick out any piece of jewelry for me.

tomorrow is a federal holiday.  mlk jr day.  it may make me totally self-absorbed, but i am celebrating tomorrow solely because i have the day off work and not because of mlk jr and his contributions to and sacrifices for civil rights.  my celebration will be cut short a wee bit because i have to drive to dc tomorrow night.  boo on that, i say.

true grit is a funny movie.  the king’s speech is a great movie.  it has an r rating.  that means some people won’t go see it.  and that’s their choice.  but it is only rated r because of the several times colin firth says the f word as part of his stammering therapy.  too many times to avoid the r.  other than that, though, it’s a fantastic movie.  so go see it.  if you want to.

my husband’s mom made homemade soft pretzels as part of dinner tonight.  yum.

tomorrow, we go to the ymca to become members.

i’m getting sleepy.  don’t tell my husband.

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3 Responses to things

  1. marisa says:

    that IS the best cook book ever. i recommend the quiche and meatloaf recipes, they are two of our favorites. the recipes never go wrong. love you!


  2. Jenn says:

    Love you! Just discovered your blog. Plan to stalk you frequently. Hope everything is going well.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    I want the back lotioner. I need it. I need it now.


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