one sentence about my job

although i can’t really speak from experience because i do not yet have kids of my own, i still maintain a deep-seated, let’s call it visceral, conviction that being a stay-at-home mom is more gratifying and fulfilling and less frustrating than being a career woman and can point to numberless stories of love and devotion and admiration and of complete hilarity, not mention stories of heartache, that my siblings and friends have shared that support my belief, while at the same time i find nothing, nada, when scouring my brain for something, anything, in the last 7+ at my current place of employment that disproves it.

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3 Responses to one sentence about my job

  1. queenann says:

    I feel you on the gratifying and fulfilling part. I can’t be certain the you are right on the frustrating part. It might not even be close in the other areas, but in the frustration arena, it might be a tight race.


    Well said, though.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Once you’re a mom, you’re never not a mom.

    I actually love being a mom. Wish I could do it all better. Oh, that’s inserting another aspect.


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