one sentence about my short commute

as i descended the escalator at pentagon city metro wednesday morning, on my way to farragut west and work, i heard some women saying, rather loudly, that they needed to find someone who was riding the blue line, at which moment i reflexively raised my hand and offered to direct them to their destination at arlington cemetery (just two stops away), where they were hoping to witness the 8 am changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier (which was unfortunately doomed for failure given the time we arrived at arlington cemetery and given the distance they would have to walk from the metro to the tomb, but i wasn’t going to tell them that and rain on their little adventure in the rain that was surely way worth the effort, no matter the outcome), a bit of tourist fun on the last morning of their trip to dc for some number of days of meetings, bloody meetings, and i willingly obliged and consequently enjoyed my metro ride all the more as i chatted with the two women (there was a third, but she sat down and didn’t talk with us during the ride), one from kentucky, who had never ridden a subway/metro before, unless the train between terminals at atl counts, and was a little excited/freaked out by the speed and motion of the train and who was, obviously, since she’s from smack dab in the middle of lexington, a kentucky basketball fan and is still hoping for at least 20 wins this year, even though the wildcats lost all their stars last year, and the other, originally from massachusetts but now residing in north carolina, because of her service in the army, where the weather is absolutely perfect nearly every day of every year.

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