one sentence about my long commute

on my way home yesterday, while talking to my mom (hands-free on bluetooth, of course) about the carpenters Christmas album(s) — mine is the 1978 version, while hers is the 1984 version — and Handel’s Messiah and this and that, i ran over an already dead deer on the highway in the pitch black of 5:30 in the afternoon and was not the only one to do it because a young yarmulke-wearing man in a silver civic of mid- to late-90s vintage pulled up behind me — i had pulled over to the side of the road to look for damage, without a flashlight, i might add, which is basically impossible to do when it is, as i mentioned already, pitch black outside and also very cold because of a whipping wind — and started scraping out his wheel wells with a big ice scraper that i was pretty jealous of.

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4 Responses to one sentence about my long commute

  1. alcylucy says:

    i forgot to mention that i called my husband after it happened, and he told me about the time he hit a toilet on I-15.


  2. Carol Schiess says:

    Yeah, top that. One thing to have a toilet in front of the house. Quite another to encounter one on the freeway.


  3. howardently says:

    You are making me look bad, alcy.


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