the summer sun’s not callin’ my name, but…

let’s start at the very beginning.

  1. that boot up there is not mine.
  2. my chocolate walk co-conspirator did not yet have that boot up there.  hers looked more like that one down there.  only hers was cuter and more dainty and even less conducive to chocolate walking.

so since none of you have been on the chocolate walk and since i think you all should do whatever it takes to go on the chocolate walk next year, even if you have a broken foot, i have to come up with a way to tell you about it that will really sell it.  oh man.

first, let’s check out the map.

brilliant, really.  30 local businesses (like cafes, bakeries, restaurants, consignment shops, toy stores) play host to 30 other local businesses (like restaurants, caterers, bakeries, candy makers) who hand out morsels of chocolate-y goodness to holders of the chocolate walk button.  only one morsel per location per button holder, mind you.  and the tables or trays of chocolate-y goodness are, of course, set up most often at the back of the store to allow each button holder to browse and hopefully buy.

i know that map up there doesn’t tell you how cute lititz (pronounced LID-its) is, but trust me.  or click on the link.  your choice.  i would post some of my own pictures, but i only have this lame picture from my iphone.

still pretty convincing, i guess.

the gimp (no offense, dearest miss a) grinned and beared it and stuck with me from location 30 to location 21 and then from 8 to 12.  and she was glad she did.  the pot de creme (think the creamiest of creamy chocolate with chocolate liquor or some such and strawberries, only fancy because it has a french name) at cafe chocolate (#22, i think) was worth every painful step.  at least that’s what she said.

and at the teddy bear emporium (#12)?  that’s where the fun really began.  steve was there from evans candy.  and steve taught us about peanut butter meltaways

AND almond butter crunch.

it went something like this.

we walk up and see a table of trays and trays of various chocolates.

us:  look at all the choices.  how will we ever choose one?  (reaching for a peanut butter meltaway and opening our bags to drop it in and enjoy it later.  by this point, you see, we had already had a wee bit of chocolate and had reached our limit.)
steve:  wait, you’re just going to drop it in your bag?
us:  you don’t understand.  we can’t handle anymore chocolate right now.
steve:  tell you what.  if you eat the peanut butter meltaway right now, just put it in your mouth and let it melt away, i’ll let you have [another morsel of chocolate-y goodness] to take with you.
us:  okay.  sounds like a fair deal.  (in went the peanut butter meltaways.)
us:  mm-mmm.
at this point i notice the line of people building behind us.  picture me now acting kind of awkward because i feel bad about that.  and some of them start talking about getting more than one chocolate at this location and steve basically telling us to ignore them and that this deal is especially for us.

okay, now the pb meltaways are gone (wow. really good), and we are reaching for the almond butter crunch to take with us for later.  steve stops us again and says to the gimp.

steve:  why don’t you eat that right now?
gimp:  oh, i can’t.  that meltaway was really good.  but i can’t handle another bit of chocolate right now.
steve:  tell you what.  i can promise you that if you eat the almond butter crunch right now. here, find a small piece.  if you eat that right now, no matter how much you think you can’t stand the thought of another piece of chocolate, you will still find it delicious and it won’t push you over the limit.  you won’t feel like you’ve had one piece too much.
gimp:  and then i can still take another piece home with me?
steve:  of course.

so she ate it.  and it was delicious.  and now we’re both evans candy converts.  evans candy is true.  steve is true.  if you go online and order now, you won’t regret it.  not the money or the calories.  i promise.  steve promises.

i went on to visit 7 more locations while the gimp waited in the car.  she was a champ, truly.

how do i skip to the part where i invite everyone to join me next year?  hmm.

please come next year.  everyone.  buttons are only $15.  it will be fun.  just bring yourself and your doggy bag (because you won’t be able to eat all 30).

and if you have a broken foot, you can do stuff like this after hoofing it for chocolate and for me.

p.s. if you want to see more chocolate walk photos, go here.

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3 Responses to the summer sun’s not callin’ my name, but…

  1. queenann says:

    I’m in for next year.

    And my evans candy is almost gone. For reals.


  2. ehell says:

    i’d just like to point out that it seems very clear that the gimp is reaching for chocolate in this last photo. and there is already chocolate in her basket. apparently steve was right, there is always room for another bite of good chocolate.


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