duran duran

as you know, if you know anything at all, i can’t help but learn the lyrics to songs.  i mean, a song is not worth listening to or knowing or liking if you can’t know the lyrics and sing along.  of course, a lot of songs are still not worth much even after you know the lyrics.  but that’s something else.  entirely.  even so, i feel a sense of power or accomplishment or some such once i know the lyrics to even the dumbest of songs.  unless there are curse words.

i’m sitting here at my desk not leaving work for no reason at all. okay, that’s not true. i’m im-ing with my sister (about fertility) and EH (about a key under her doormat). 

and in my head i am rocking out to rio.  this part, actually…

i’ll take my chance cause luck is on my side or something i know what you’re thinking i tell you something i know what you’re thinking.

hey now.

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One Response to duran duran

  1. Puna says:

    I remember that song…I do.


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